Crow’s Garage Inc.

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Crow’s Garage Inc. is a full service automotive repair and maintenance shop located in the heart of Williamsburg, Virginia. 

We are a State Inspection station, with four inspectors to keep you at your safest throughout the whole  year through.


Our hourly labor rate is $86.00 and all repairs with our provided          provided parts have a warranty of 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever  occurs first). We do not ever recommend customer supplied parts due to  an absence of guarantee. If a customer chooses to provide their own parts the labor rate will be increased to $100.00 per hour. 


We do three types of jobs at Crow’s 

Good, Fast, & Cheap (you may pick any two)

If its GOOD & CHEAP it will not be FAST!

If its GOOD & FAST it will not be CHEAP!

If its FAST & CHEAP it will not be GOOD!

Contact us at 757-565-0899